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Small web development firm with a big vision

Don’t get lost in long support lines, or waiting for tickets to get returned.  We offer a personal touch and we’re always here for you.  Forget the cut rate big business website hosts. We’re here to do it all for you, or show you how to do what you’re comfortable with yourself.

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Let’s build your presence on the web


Let’s talk about the vision that you have for your website and how you’d like to capture the attention of your audience.  We’ll come up with a blue print for your website and any other systems we can tie in for just the right amount of exposure.


All of the sites that we make are built on WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System.  Wordpress is robust enough to handle complex high traffic sites like The New Yorker and, while also being simple enough for anyone to use. If you’re comfortable with email, you’ll be able to update your website.


Once your site is finished and live, it doesn’t stop there! To keep your site running at the top of it’s game, it’ll need updates.  The software that runs the site will constantly improve and offer security updates. Let’s not forget your new content that you’ll want to share on your site as you or your business develop too!

Website Design & Development

Consumers are looking for a business’s website before they decide whether or not they’ll do business with them.  So you either need a new site for your new vision or maybe your old site needs an overhaul.  Let’s sit down and go over what ideas you want to convey to your audience and we’ll sculpt your digital presence on the web.

Search Engine Optimization

The acronym is SEO. Everyone wants to get to the top of Google so that your current and potential audience can find you on the web.  We’ll get your sites registered with the top search providers and label your website content so it’s easy for them to index your site. Also, we’ll provide some feed back on how much traffic your site is getting and how the traffic is getting there.

Hosting & Maintenance

The big box web hosts offer cheap rates to push your website into over crowded web servers.  Our sites are hosted on a private server and only with other websites that we’ve developed, maintain and control.  No need to worry about another site on the same server interrupting your site’s up-time.

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